Automatic Foam Filled Pool Cover

1.Safety 2.Insulation 3.Products Colors 4.Anti-algae 5.Aesthetics 6.Products Display

Product Details

1. Safety

One of foam filled pool cover main objectives is maximum safety. our foam filled pool covers ensure a perfectly safe pool for children and for adults.

You can equip your pool with safety hooks which increasy safety even more : with this option several adults can walk on the cover without any risk that the cover will tear or break. Hand rails along the pool walls are also available.   

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2. Insulation


The foam filled pool cover keeps the water temperature stable. They offer an incredible insulation coefficient of 0,0821 W/(mk). The foam filled pool cover enables you to enjoy your pool for a longer time period and to minimise the heat loss during the nighs and during cooler days.

What makes the insulation of the foam filled cover superior to that other pool covers on the market?

All traditional pool covers are composed of slats with hollow compartments filled with humid air. This humidity strongly reduces the insulation coefficient. Furthermore, the traditional hollow slats are joined together by hinges which, for their part, also add to an additional heat loss.

3. Colors


Blue: This colour fits well in classic gardens. It is often used in warm countries

where the sky is always blue!

Cream White.jpg

Cream White:This white is often used for indoor pools, it is an off white to make dust almost invisible on the cover. Cream white pool covers match exceptionally well with modern and minimalistic pools that have pure and white coping stones. 


Grey:This the most widespread colour. Silex grey is the ideal solution for outdoor pools because it conseals perfectly dust and dirt left after bad weather.

4. Anti-algae


The foam filled pool covers are coextruded in one piece with a flexible connection instead of a traditional hinge. Consequently, dirt and algae can't enter into the

hollow compartments. Their smooth surface prevents algae to stick to the slats. 

This leads to the big advantage of an easy maintenance cover,  it can even be 

cleaned with a pressure washer.

5. Aesthetics

The pool covers are the only ones with foam filled slats, offering an incredible resistance and a perfect finishing, even for curves.  For pools with a special form the pool builder is able to cut the 

slats to the right shape on site. This allows your cover to follow 

the curves of your pool perfectly.


6. Display

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If you are looking for automatic foam filled pool cover, welcome to wholesale our quality products. As one of the leading swimming pool covers manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you one-stop service. For more details, contact our factory now.