Automatic Inground Pool Covers

1.Specification 2.Main Component: 2.1 A set of mechanical device: Reel, bracket and assistant system 2.2 A set of customized safety covers 2.3 A set of power system 3.Payment T/T and Western Union

Product Details

1. Specification






Outdoor or Indoor


In ground

Main material

Fabric and Webbing


Blue, Grey, Coffee and others





Bracket system

All compents are 304 stainless steel, surface anodised

Input voltage

AC 110V-230V

Output voltage

DC 24V (Safe voltage)


150-500N.m, select according to the pool size.

Electronic control system

Remote control switch



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2. Main Component
2.1 A set of mechanical device: Reel, bracket and assistant system
2.2 A set of customized safety covers
2.3 A set of power system

3. Payment
   T/T and Western Union

4. Delivery


5. What Is An Automatic Recessed Track Pool Covers?

The in-deck recessed track system fits almost any shape or size pool. The cover retracts into a cover housing recessed in the deck at the end of the pool. The heavy duty vinyl cover is available in 7 different colors. The track width should be a minimum 5" wider than the pool on each side. The track length will be 1-1/2' longer than the pool on each end. If you have brick or stone coping, the track width must be made wider. Track width x track length equals cover square footage.

The recessed housing system options include instructions for how to build a wooden box in your deck or a prefabricated polymer box. The recessed housing system includes an aluminum housing lid. The optional ladder hinges will allow you to flip up a standard deep end entry ladder. The ladder hinges are not needed for in-wall ladders.

6. Functions

6.1 Safety

Safety pool cover is strong and durable, exceeding safety standard of ASTM, UL. An automatic pool cover completely seals the pool, so it is“out of sight, out of mind”of the young child that might otherwise be attracted by the lure of the pool water.

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6.2 Cleaness

Covers can keep yard debris out of the pool and inhibit green algae growth, because green algae needs sunlight to grow, but the fabric cover is opaque to reduce sunlight.
Simply open the pool and the water will be clean, ready for an enjoyable swimming, no need to clean out bugs, pollen, leaves, etc.

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6.3 Save money

The U.S. Department of Energy has stated that a pool cover is the single best way to reduce heat loss on a pool. By limiting unnecessary evaporation, you'll save energy and still be able to enjoy swimming in a warm pool.


7. Details

7.1 Installation way


7.2 Fabric cover 

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7.3 Track


8. How To Install


9. Display

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