Automatic Safety Pool Covers

1.Specification 2.What about a safety pool cover 3.How safe and strong are safety pool covers 4.How long does it take to have an automatic pool cover installed

Product Details

1. Specification






Outdoor or Indoor


In ground

Main material

Fabric and Webbing


Blue, Grey, Coffee and others





Bracket system

All compents are 304 stainless steel, surface anodised

Input voltage

AC 110V-230V

Output voltage

DC 24V (Safe voltage)


150-500N.m, select according to the pool size

Electronic control system

Remote control switch



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2. Spare Parts

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3. What About A Safety Pool Cover

For an automatic pool cover it all starts with its complex and durable drive mechanism and electric motor. The drive mechanisms and motors can either be mounted on the pool decking or conveniently recessed in a specially designed encapsulation module at one end of the pool. They are powered by electric motors which move the drive mechanism by either electric or hydraulic means. The process to take the cover on and off the pool is initiated by means of an electric switch. This switch can be either activated by a button, a specially designed electronic keypad, or a key activated switch that has a removable key for safety reasons.

4. How Safe And Strong Are Safety Pool Covers

Safety pool covers are one of the safest options when it comes to swimming pool safety. They are exceptionally strong, very secure and meet the ASTM standard for swimming pool safety covers. ASTM compliant means that a cover has been tested by an independent third-party laboratory to verify that it meets or exceeds the specifications outlined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Most inspectors and jurisdictions reference the ASTM standard.

5. How Long Does It Take To Have An Automatic Pool Cover Installed

The normal time it takes to have your automatic pool cover installed is 30-45 days once you place your order. The first step will be to call or email us to schedule your estimate. Once paperwork has been completed your Bore technician will go on-site to complete a manufacture measurement and assess the situation. Once the order has been placed the cover will take about 2 weeks to manufacture and another week or so for shipping. The installation is normally a 1 day project. Complicated pools and pool builds will often times need more technician visits.

6. Display

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