Automatic Hard Swimming Pool Covers Above Ground Outdoor You Can Walk On

1. Specification 2. Details: Different Colors, PVC Slat and Installation Way 3. Functions: Save Lives and Security Assurance, Save Water and Reduce Heat Loss, Keep clean and reduces maintenance, Save money, turn losses into gains

Product Details

1. Specification


2. Details

2.1 Different colors 


2.2 PVC slat



2.3 Installation way


3. Functions

3.1 Save lives 

After years of investigation, we find that a drowning person is away from the foster care less than five minutes in most cases, and it takes only a few seconds when a person drowning.

The security measures, including the fence and infrared alarm, have virtual weakness, and cannot provide security guarantee obviously . 

Boree hard covers can prevent anyone from falling into the water. 

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3.2 Keep clean and reduces maintenance

Keep all twigs, and other debris out of the pool. Help prevent algae, since the sunlight will be blocked from providing a significant heat and light source for growth.

Keep your pool clean during the winter months while your pool is not in use. The cover allows water to pass through, prevents snow and water buildup on the water.

A pool cover means you can keep more time to enjoy the swimming and pay less time on maintenance of the pool.


4. What About The PVC Slat Pool Cover

PVC slat pool covers manufacture an innovative range of pool cover solutions, taking an insightful approach to product development and promoting a lifestyle choice, not just a pool cover. Our solutions are always innovative, directly addressing issues affecting Chinese pool owners. We have tailored a range of pool covers in response to local crises including the ongoing electricity and water crises and the need to shrink carbon footprints in the domestic setting. PVC slat pool covers is widely regarded as the leading supplier of covers for the eco-conscious pool owner and runs a broad educational campaign regarding the environmental impact of swimming pools as well as safety aspects around pools. PVC slat pool covers has teams servicing Mauritius, Philippines, USA. Our superior manufacturing and locally unparalleled designs combined with an unfailing customer centric approach are what sets us apart in the industry. 

5. Why Automatic Pool Covers Are Highly Recommended

Because of the fact that the automatic pool cover is simply activated by an electrical switch, it is the most convenient type of pool cover to use by far. It is this very same ease of use that makes it the most utilized type of pool cover also, and because of that, the owners get to receive the many benefits that these type of covers offer on a more regular basis than the owners of other types of pool covers. That is also why these types of covers are highly recommended for purchase and subsequent use by several independent and government sponsored studies.

So which type of cover is better between anautomatic pool cover and a manual pool cover? As far as pool cover fabric function goes, there is very little difference between the two types of covers as far as the benefits you receive from them. The big difference is the ease of use of the automatic pool cover makes it used more often. So the automatic pool cover pulls away from the manual cover in the stretch run and takes the victory as the better type of cover.

6. Display

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