Why should the swimming pool be constant and dehumidification

- May 17, 2017-

For the healthy swimming pool, the daily energy consumption is mainly the cost of heating and water heating in the summer refrigeration winter, so it is very important to choose suitable air-conditioning and pool heating system, and the following problems are widely used in the design of air-conditioning and heating parts of the pool area:

1. Endanger the health: because the pool area has a large amount of water evaporation, chlorine volatilization, so that the air content, water vapor, the content of chlorine increase, severely affect swimmers ' health.

2. The dehumidification problem is serious: air-conditioning design process In addition to meet indoor air requirements, the adjustment of humidity is more important. Swimming pool area is a high humidity environment, coupled with the air content of water vapor, high chlorine content, easy to produce bacteria, molds, viruses, a large number of reproduction, extremely easy to destroy indoor air quality and decorative materials, dehumidification process is the main problem of year-round natatorium.

3. High operating costs: for the business premises, the day-to-day operating costs of the future to a large extent determine the level of the project profitability, traditional air-conditioning and water heating can not achieve energy comprehensive utilization, will have a lot of costs, caused by the waste is amazing.

4. A wide range of configuration equipment, difficult operation: the traditional installation of air-conditioning heating equipment, the operation of a large number of skilled workers to operate on equipment, the first is to the operator requirements high, the second is the equipment scattered, operational difficulties, energy waste.