What Is An Automatic Pool Cover?

- Aug 17, 2017-

An automatic pool cover works in much the same way as a traditional pool cover. They cover the pool when you are not using it, preventing leaves, insects and other unwanted debris from entering the pool. They also lock water in the pool by collecting condensation and releasing it back into the pool water.  Furthermore, they can also prevent people from inadvertently falling in if used right.

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The difference between an automatic pool cover and a manual pool cover is that you don’t have to physically drag it across the pool. You simply have to press a button and watch as it covers the pool automatically.

How Do They Work?

Automatic pool covers are quite simple. They run on a track that is installed in your pool. When you press the button, the motor is activated and the cover then runs along the track until the pool is fully covered. There is no effort required by you beyond pushing the button.

Where to get an automatic pool cover?

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