What Is A Mesh Safety Swimming pool Cover?

- Feb 11, 2018-

Mesh safety covers are designed to allow water and melting snow to sift through the mesh and drain into the pool. You will never need to drain your pool cover with a cover pump because the standing water will drain through the material into your swimming pool. Mesh safety covers make opening your swimming pool a breeze in the spring by keeping your pool water clean all winter, and that saves you money on chemicals. Plus, mesh safety covers weigh less than solid covers making them easier to move when opening and closing your pool.

The unique, very fine network structure allows rain water to filter through to the pool, leaving above only debris and leaves that will be blown away with the first gust of wind. BOREE, unlike other impermeable covers, prevents the formation of unpleasant and unhygienic stagnating water on the surface, leaving your garden clean and tidy throughout the whole winter.