What are the advantages of swimming for a long time?

- Feb 15, 2018-

Long term swimming (short-term swimming can not be clearly seen) to the human body the benefits of a summary. Mainly from the following aspects:

First, the body is evenly slender and the energy metabolism is improved

1, water temperature: the temperature in the water environment is lower than the temperature. Even in the water, the temperature can be carried through the water. For example, the loss of heat for 15 minutes in the water of 12 degrees is approximately equal to the heat lost in 1 hours on land.

2, resistance: the density of water is far greater than the density of air. In water movement, we need to overcome the resistance of water so that the body can move and more energy will be transformed into kinetic energy.

3, multi joint movement: in water, we usually rely on a lot of muscles and joints to enable the body to coordinate movement and participate in many muscles, plus water resistance is another important factor in the transformation of energy into kinetic energy.

4, posture: different swimming positions are different. For example, energy consumption is greater than the same speed crawl breaststroke (still from the view of the energy transformation etc.). Through the above four points, we can understand why water environment can consume more energy, and all joints can get balanced exercise, while the body fat rate is reduced, at the same time, it can guarantee the proportion of the body's dimensions and strength.

Second, the lung capacity increased and the respiratory system increased.

1. The change of the breath in the water is a form of deep breathing, which can effectively stimulate the energy of the ventilator and improve the ability of oxygen uptake.

2, the density of water is large. In the water, the chest and abdominal cavity need to bear more pressure and breathe harder. At this time, the respiratory related muscles need more constriction and relaxation to satisfy the oxygen demand in the water movement, so the ventilator ability is improved. From the above two points, we can see that the oxygen uptake ability and vital capacity of the people who persisted in the long term swimming can be effectively improved.

Third, cardiovascular function increases because of the general level of general level when useful, venous blood is easier to flow to the heart, so the venous reflux increases. In addition, in the above mentioned, breathing in water environment will be deepened, which means increasing the suction effect on venous reflux. In water, actions are mostly single repetitive actions, and muscle activities are more rhythmic and have squeezing effects on veins. The last thing to put forward is that the water has a massage on the skin and small blood vessels. The above description is aimed at the benefit of venous reflux in the water environment, which can effectively improve the function of the cardiovascular system.

Fourth, joints are not easy to damage. Because there is no quick start or braking in water environment, joint structures, ligaments, muscles and so on are not easy to damage, but also have some strengthening effects on some deep muscles. Swimming can also be a very good rehabilitation exercise.

Fifth, the body temperature regulation ability is enhanced. Generally speaking, the swimming temperature is lower than the body temperature, so it can generate cold stimulation in the water environment, and regulate the body's normal body temperature through thermoregulation. Frequent activity in water can improve heat and heat dissipation, and the ability to adjust the body temperature.

The above is a series of positive changes in the human body, which is brought by long term swimming, and hope to help you.