Under What Circumstance Should Not Swim?

- May 26, 2017-

1. Single A people can not go swimming, no companions, single A people go swimming, the most prone to problems. Students should be accompanied by parents or adults, otherwise it is forbidden to go swimming.

2. Sick people do not go swimming, otitis media, heart disease and other chronic diseases, and colds, fever, mental fatigue, powerless to swim.

3. To participate in strong manual or strenuous exercise, can not immediately jump into the water swimming, especially in a sweat, with fever in the case, can not immediately water, otherwise prone to cramps, colds or accidents.

4. Polluted rivers, reservoirs, rapids, two rivers converge, and a large drop of rivers and lakes, are not suitable for swimming, generally speaking, the water condition of unknown rivers and lakes, Shan Tong Reservoir is not suitable for swimming.

5. Bad weather, such as thunderstorm, wind, weather mutation, and so on, also unfavorable to swim.