Technical Details For Automatic PVC Slat Cover

- Aug 03, 2017-

1. Specification

Model: AHA

Operation: Automatic

Usage: Outdoor or Indoor

Installation: Above ground or Inground

Main Material: PVC

Color: Transparent, Milky White and others

Size: Customization

Thickness: 12mm

Wall Thickness: 1.2mm

Width: 75mm

Bracket System: All compents are 304 stainless steel, surface anodised

Reel diameter: 140mm

Input Voltage: AC 110V-230V

Output voltage: DC 24V (Safe voltage)

Strength: 150-500N.m, select according to the pool size.

Electronic control system: Remote control switch


Free Sample: Yes

2. Features

  • TheSolar-powered Slatted Cover system has two side consoles supporting the stainless steel roll-up axis, and is normally installed at the short end of the swimming pool.

  • Unlike built-in systems, the controls are located on one of the side consoles only. The control unit is available in White, Soft Grey and Antra, allowing it to blend into the pool surrounds.

  • The system is secured with a key switch so children cannot tamper with the controls and activate the cover while unsupervised by adults.

  • The Solar-powered Slatted Cover is powered by solar energy alone, with no electrical components.

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