Swimming Pool Modelling

- May 26, 2017-

1. The design of swimming pools in residential areas must conform to the relevant regulations of the swimming pool design. The pool plane is not suitable for the regular competition pool, the pool side as much as possible to use the graceful curves, to strengthen the vitality of water. The pool is divided into children's pool and adult swimming pools as far as possible, and the depth of the children's pool is 0.6-0.9m advisable, and adult swimming pools are 1.2-2m.

The pool of children and adults can be considered uniformly designed, in general, children's pools are placed at higher locations, water flow through stepped or slope aeration into adult swimming pools, both secure and enrich the modelling of swimming pools.

2. The pool shore must do fillet processing, laying soft water seepage ground and anti-skid floor tiles, a variety of shrubs and trees around the pool, and providing rest and shading facilities, conditional community design dressing rooms and equipment and areas for picnic.