Swimming Pool Equipment Requirements

- May 26, 2017-

1. The swimming pool design is beautiful, the building area is spacious, the top floor is tall, the ceiling and metope glass should be large area daylighting good.

2. Low-voltage explosion-proof lighting at the bottom of the pool, the bottom is covered with tiles, surrounded by a fortified drainage trough overflow.

3. In the Sham Shui Po and children's leisure area, deep water depths are not less than 1.8m, children's hippie area depth of no more than 0.48m.

4. Equipped with automatic water disinfection circulatory system and heating facilities

5. The pool is covered with green carpets, chairs, seating tables, large potted bonsai interspersed.

6. Equipped with a number of umbrellas.

7. Access to the swimming pool has a dedicated access channel, where the population has a dip disinfection pool.

8. The Swimming pool area is equipped with various facilities, beautiful and comfortable, intact, its intact rate is not less than 98%.