Some Features of Automatic Pool Cover

- Jun 23, 2017-


Safety, Solar, and winter cover, all-in-one.
2. Pool chemicals last twice as long.
3. Save up to 70% on heating costs.
4. Keep 8 to 10 degree of normal temperature.
5. Reduce pool-cleaning time.
6. Extend the life of pool equipment.
7. Reduces pool water evaporation.
8. Long material & durability.
9. High UV stability.
10. High floating capacity.
11. Temperature stability up to 130 degree.
12. Protective, Anti-resisting, Anti-slip, Anti-press, Anti-dust, Waterproof, etc.

Installation methods:
1. Above Ground Installation
 Advantages: Attractive appearance, Nothing in the way, No objections, Nice look of pool surrounding.
2. Inground Installation
   Advantages: No preparations needed, Comfortable sitting area, Easy maintenance and access for repairs, Nice look of pool surrounding, Simple installation.


Drive Systems:
1. Motors
  Advantages: Easy installation, No through-wall drilling, No risk for a leakage in your pool, Perfect to install on existing pools, All in one unit, no extra pit needed
2. Hydraulic Motors
  Advantages: Reliability and durability, Free of maintenance, No electric motor by the pool, Adjustable force for closing and opening.

1. Existing or In-Built Swimming Pool
2. Outdoor or Indoor Private Swimming Pool
3. Profitability Swimming Pool
4. Hotel Public Swimming Pool
5. Community Swimming Pool
6. School Swimming Pool

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