Safety With A Pool Cover

- Sep 21, 2017-

1. Safety: The swimming pool is equipped with a swimming pool cover system that is the only best security solution when the guardian is not at the scene. The fence, infrared alarm and other security measures have the essence of the lack of security can not be fully provided.

2. Insulation: to maintain the normal water temperature 8-10 degrees.

3. Save : a 6 × 12 pool, if you do not use the pool cover system, need to pay 117,000 liters per year, on the contrary, only pay 11,700 liters, saving water up to 90%.

4. Cleaning: swimming pool installed on the pool cover system, so the dust and debris will fall on the pool cover; and open the pool when the pool cover can automatically take away dust and debris.

solar pool cover.jpg pool cover.jpg

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