Role Of The Swimming Pool Cap

- May 26, 2017-

1. Safety: The swimming pool is fitted with the cover system, the Guardian is not at the scene, the only best security solution. And the fence, infra-red alarm and other security measures have the essential limitations, not fully provide security assurances.

2. Insulation: Maintain normal temperature 8-10 degrees.

3. Save: A 6x12 swimming pool, if not using the swimming pool covering system, the annual need to replenish water 117,000 liters, conversely, only need to replenish water 11,700 liters, saving water to reach 90%%.

4. Cleanliness: The swimming pool is fitted with the swimming pool covering the system, so the dust and debris will fall on the pool cover and the pool lid can automatically take the dust and debris away when the pool is opened.

5. Improving the air environment: the swimming pool will be put in disinfectant and other water treatment drugs, they are evaporating at any time, when the night does not need to cover the insulation film, can reduce the water in the pond and the evaporation of chemical constituents, in keeping the pool disinfectant efficient and lasting, while reducing moisture to the natatorium and equipment corrosion, improve the indoor air environment in the Natatorium.

6. Environmental protection: material non-toxic harmless, anti-aging, Anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion. and Anti-skid, waterproof, anti-bacteria, anti-seismic and pressure, safety and environmental protection.