Pool Safety Tips When Hosting a Pool Party at Home

- Jun 22, 2017-


You've decided to host a pool party for some friends or a reunion with some friends and you plan to use your pool. This is a good opportunity for entertaining but it can also turn bad very quickly if you are not aware of how to maintain pool safety. Guests are prone to getting hurt during such events and if you know how to best keep them safe then your party will be a better success. You can maintain pool safety in the following ways:


Have a lifeguard on standby

What a great way to keep the stress of having to worry whether your guests are protected by his lifeguard who will be on guard and quick to act in case on an accident. Lifeguards are quick decision makers and very responsive to trouble. They are not prone to panic in times of drowning and are properly equipped with life saving skills, CPR, and rescue. The lifeguard will continually give your guests rules on the do's and don’ts.


Use non-slip pool materials

In a pool party, guests will be walking up and down your deck and if your deck is slippery then your pool is more at risk of being a hazard. Pools of water in sunken slabs and objects on the deck can also make guests slip and fall and should be removed to prevent accidents. Children should also be prohibited from running around the pool area.


Prohibit diving

Diving can lead to disasters when people do it incorrectly and they may hit their heads, which may lead to permanent disability. You can prevent this at your pool parties by putting up 'No diving' signs and constantly reinforcing this. Out of control, guests should especially be discouraged from this.


Additional safety tips

Makes sure that as your party ends and guests go in that you open yourpool safety cover so that the kids and guests that may be drunk don't sneak back into the pool. Make sure you clean up after the pool party so that people don't stumble on them in the morning and accidents are prevented. Additionally, make sure the utensils you use are plastic.


Your guests’ safety at the pool party is your priority and you should make sure you stick to the above safety rules on pool safety. Following the guidelines will ensure your guests have nothing to say but good things about your pool party.

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