Pool Covers As Art

- Aug 05, 2017-

The automatic pool cover offers exciting possibilities as a medium for art or personal expression. It has taken a while for the idea to emerge, but sooner or later, almost every practical invention becomes part of the designer's canvas.

The benefits of automatic pool covers are well known within the ranks of pool builders and clients. They make pools safer, reduce their energy consumption, lower chemical demand and make them easier to service. Pool owners who can afford the initial investment can sometimes generate a full return within a couple years or less.

For all of those big advantages, however, automatic pool covers are not generally considered pleasing to the eye. Although manufacturers have improved aesthetics by offering covers in different colors and have developed neat solutions for concealing the cover vault, deployed covers can look like big tarps.

We can print various pattern on the automatic pvc slat cover accoring to the clients' request to make the cover blend into the backyard surroundings.


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