Pool Cover Costs

- Aug 15, 2017-

Pool covers vary greatly and costs depend on your needs. While your budget may be a primary reason for what you choose, you should first decide what you want and then you can determine pool cover costs and form a budget for it. Here are the main factors in deciding what pool cover solution you pursue.

Type of Pool

If you have an above-ground pool you will have an easier time finding a pool cover that fits, as there are only a few shapes of above ground pools available. In ground pools have added complexity in finding a cover due to unusual shapes, deck and landscape issues, and safety issues. In general above ground covers are cheaper and easier to install.

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Reason for having a Cover

First you should decide the primary reason you want a cover. Is it to simply cover your pool for the winter season? Do you want to prevent algae growth? Are you wanting to cover your pool anytime bad weather happens? Do you want to manual pool cover or do you want an automatic pool cover? You may also want a cover to protect your children and pets from falling into the pool. At the very least, a good reason is to reduce evaporation and conserve water during warm weather. 

Type of Cover

Based on why you are getting a pool cover, cost will depend largely on what kind of cover you get. They range from basic slat covers that float on the water for above and in ground pool to safety fabric covers that can support weight and keep everything out of the water. The most inexpensive simply protect your pool from anything coming in but also catch leaves and water on top making them heavy and prone to breaking. Mesh covers will allow snow and water to drain into the pool while keeping dirt and debris out. Solar bubble covers will keep everything out except sunlight to heat your water naturally.

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