Installation For Automatic And Manual Covers

- Aug 16, 2017-


Manually installed covers obviously are going to save you money on your pool cover costs. But there are many systems that make putting on and taking off your pool cover very easy.

Automatic pool covers can be installed above ground, in ground, or even hidden under the pool edges so that it disappears when not out. With the simple push of a button, you can retract or roll out your cover. These kinds of pool covers are best left to professional to install, which will add to your pool cover costs, but make ownership and maintenance very easy.

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Where you are purchasing it

The three main places to get a pool cover are a local pool professional, a pool or sporting goods store, and online. Simple covers that you install yourself are available for very good prices online, but be careful about getting the correct size. If you are going to buy or install a cover, you can contact us! We will assist you in measuring and ensuring the right fit. But with most automatic covers, a pool professional will do the installation and usually give you a discount on the actual cover. Many people who attempt elaborate cover installs end up hiring a professional at some point why not start it with us?

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