How to Install a Bubble Solar Pool Cover

- Jul 13, 2017-

Step 1- Measure your Swimming Pool 


Using the measuring tape to measure the size of your pool before purchasing a cover . Your measurements need to be as accurate as possible. It is nearly impossible to find a cover that fits your pool perfectly, and therefore it needs to be cut to the right size after purchasing it. Measure your swimming pool at its longest point and widest point in case your pool is shaped other than a rectangle.  

Step 2- Mark the Pool Sides on the Cover


With the help of another person, lay your cover across your pool with the bubble side facing down. Smooth any folds or wrinkles by hand. Using a crayon, mark the pool sides on your cover. If your pool is curved you need to mark all the sides and edges carefully.  

Step 3- Cut the Pool Cover


Cut along the markings you made on the cover using a sharp pair of scissors. As a precaution, cut ¼- inch over the markings you made.  

Step 4- Put the Bubble Solar Cover onto the Pool

Fold the pool cover in half lengthwise and position a person at each end. Have the people pick up the edge in front of them and walk to the other end of the pool (together) to unroll the pool cover over the water. They should then set the cover onto the swimming pool. The cover will not sink, but set a seal over the water in the pool, fitting in perfectly.

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