How Long Does It Take To Have An Automatic Pool Cover Installed

- Sep 07, 2017-

The normal time it takes to have your automatic pool cover installed is 30-45 days once you place your order. The first step will be to call or email us to schedule your estimate. Once paperwork has been completed your Bore technician will go on-site to complete a manufacture measurement and assess the situation. Once the order has been placed the cover will take about 2 weeks to manufacture and another week or so for shipping. The installation is normally a 1 day project. Complicated pools and pool builds will often times need more technician visits.

Please note: The total time for final install is typically 30-45 days. This estimated time starts once we have received complete signed paperwork, color choice and deposit. Many things beyond our control can delay the order. Some of the most common examples are: payments not received, pool construction delays, additional repairs needed to an existing system, other construction needed to install a pool cover. Please plan accordingly.

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