How Do Solar Swimming Pool Covers Work

- Sep 11, 2017-

Swimming pools are high-maintenance additions to your home, and they particularly impact your electricity bills. One way to save money and energy is to control evaporation in both indoor and outdoor pools by using a Swimming pool cover.

Swimming pool covers are the most effective way to save energy and keep your pool warmer and cleaner. Cover your pool when it's not in use to minimize evaporation, which is a huge energy guzzler even in indoor pools, indicated by the high humidity inside. Most of the heat loss in swimming pools is a result of evaporation, and pool covers help cut heating costs drastically. Evaporation rate is affected by pool temperature and climate conditions -- air temperature, wind and humidity. By reducing evaporation you also save water, and by keeping the water temperature up with a Swimming pool cover you decrease the need for electric heating sources. With less evaporation, you won't have to add as many chemicals to your swimming pool cover. Swimming pool covers keep debris out of the pool, as well, which also keeps cleaning costs down.

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