- Jun 27, 2017-

Q1. Why swimming pool should be covered by swimming pool covers?

A: With a pool cover, the swimming pool can save 70% cost on the swimming pool, because the swimming pool cover have the functions of insulation. With a pool cover, you and your families’ safety can be guaranteed, even the pets. Especially in the hotel, with a swimming covers you can walk on, your guests’ safety can be controlled, this will sharply reduce the accident happened to some degree.

Q2. How many kinds of swimming pool covers categories?

A: Boree Pool Cover Systems is mainly divided into four categories: 1. Automatic Swimming Pool Covers Above Ground, 2. Automatic Swimming Pool Covers Inground, 3. Manual Swimming Pool Covers, 4.SPA Pool Covers. The above ground installation is the easier than the inground installation. And the manual cover is the easiest to use, but its safety protection maybe the worst.

Q3. How many kinds of installation methods of the swimming pool cover?

A: There are 2 kinds of installation methods of the swimming pool cover, Installation in concealing way or Installation on the ground. Installation on the ground is much simple than installation in concealing way, but it also is artistic.

Q4. How many ways of the automatic swimming pool cover control methods?

A: There are three control methods of Boree Pool Cover Systems, Manual, Semi-automatic, Full-automatic. Full automatic can be devided into: Remote control switch, Push button switch. 

Q5. Can I use my automatic pool cover as a winter cover?

Sure, the pool cover will keep your pool clean during the winter months while your pool is not in use. The cover allows water to pass through, prevents snow and water buildup on the water.

Q6. Can I walk on my pool cover?

Yes, but should only do so in an emergency.  

Q7. When is it time for a new cover?

Automatic pool slatted cover have a finite life. 8 years is the average. For the Automatic Fabric Covers, 5 years is the average.

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