Disassembly Swimming Pool Maintenance

- May 17, 2017-

1. The disassembly of the overall swimming pool in each volume: 3-6 kg, the aggregate aluminum chloride into the plastic barrel add the appropriate amount of water to dissolve it, using the spoon in the pool evenly poured around the pond;

2. One times per 3 days (proportion: 1000M3 water: 3 kg); a Times per week (proportion: 1000M3 water: 6 kg);

3. Poly Aluminum Chloride delivery time: After the day of business;

4. About 6 hours after the delivery of polyaluminum chloride, sewage treatment is required;

5. Decontamination procedure:

A. Decontamination time: 5:30 A.M. to 11:30;

B. The disassembly of the whole swimming pool to inspect the suction pump's cables are intact;

C. Fixing the water pipe at the outlet of the sewage pump and tying the cable to the sewage pump with the water pipe;

D. Bind floating balls to water pipes, spacing between 1.5 meters and so on each ball;

E. Putting the suction pump into the pool and slowly pulling back and forth the sediment from the bottom of the pool, pulling back and forth the one-way speed control in 5-7 minutes, two-way control in 10-14 minutes, the decontamination time is about 4-6 hours.