Differences of DC Gear Motor and Hydraulic Motor for Pool Cover Systems

- Jun 26, 2017-

Boree Pool Cover Systemsmotor is 24V DC gear motor. There are in 3 different torque:150Nm, 300Nm and 450Nm. The needed strength is calculated based on the pool cover size and position of the reel.

They are produced with a new technology and have many advantages such as an easy installation, no risk of leakage etc.

The special manufacturing techniques are used to ensure the durability and water resistance of the motors. This new technology is 11 years in testing and 9 years in regular use.


· Easy installation

· No through-wall drilling

· No risk for a leakage in your pool

· Perfect to install on existing pools

· All in one unit

· No extra pit needed

        24V DC gear motor        Hydraulic Motor

The hydraulic cylinder is used to adjust the strength of the hydraulic Motor, and the power required for the hydraulic motor is calculated based on the pool cover size and the position of the reel.

The installation of slatted cover with hydraulic motor requires the preparation of through wall system for the shaft, which connects the roll-up tube with the hydraulic motor in the separate dry pit.


· Reliability and durability

· Free of maintenance

· No electric motor by the pool

· Adjustable force for closing and opening

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