Boree pool covers for various kinds of swimming pool

- Jun 26, 2017-

Classified by pool location, the swimming pools can be divided into Automatic Insulated Swimming Pool Covers Inground For Indoor and Automatic Solar Swimming Pool Covers Above Ground For Outdoor. Classified by purpose, the swimming pools can be divided into commercial hotel pool, school public swimming pool, villa swimming pool, swimming stadium and high-end custom SPA pool. Classified by pool shape,the swimming pools can be divided into kidney, rounded, curvy, rectangular and rectangular with rounded shape.

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As for pool size, 3*8M(118*315"), 4*8M(157*315"), 3.5*10M(138*394"), 3.5*12M(138*472"), 3*12M(118*472"), 4*12M(157*472"), 4.5*15M(177*591") are ordinary pool size(W*L).

For most beautiful and creative pools, installing a pool cover are very necessary, whether it is from the economic or security considerations!

Boree Pool Cover Systems has a specialized and practised  team. Combined with the surrounding environment of the pool, we can design the best matched, most appropriateswimming pool covers for new or exsiting, rectangular or deformed, outdoor or indoor, national or international. 

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