Benifits of Pool Covers -Save Money, Turn Losses Into Gains

- Jun 15, 2017-

You know how certain things are worth the investment? This is one of those things. Install Pool Covers and experience almost immediate savings. Heating bills will be lower, you won't have to buy as many chemicals, use as much water, etc.

So you know, a pool cover can not only help keep out leaves, twigs and yard debris, but also reduce water evaporation, cut down on chemical use and energy costs, retain heat, reduce additional dehumidification and ventilation equipment etc.

According to the US Department of Energy statistics, installing a pool cover , the owner of the pool will reduce or save

90% of water evaporation

35-60% of chemical

70% of heat loss

the numbers of cleaning the pool


A Pool Cover Specialist can save up to at least 50% operating costs on your maintenance of the pool, and even extend the life of the pool equipment.

With a pool cover, the owner will save more unnecessary capital expenditures for the pool. It is a great return on investment.

07 With a pool cover, the owner will save more unnecessary capital expenditures for the pool. It is a great return on investment..png

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