Benifits of Pool Covers -Save Lives and Security Assurance

- Jun 15, 2017-

After years of investigation, we find that a drowning person is away from the foster care less than five minutes in most cases, and it takes only a few seconds when a person drowning.

The security measures, including the fence and infrared alarm, have virtual weakness, and cannot provide security guarantee absolutely. 

Automatic Safety Covers.jpg Stand On Covers.jpg Walk On Covers.jpg

The installation of Automatic Safety Covers is the best solution of security when the foster care is absent.

Boree Pool Safety Covers that are made of PVC slats or PVC abrasive cloth are the covers that will prevent anyone from falling into the water, provided they are attached and installed properly. Some PVC slats covers can hold up to 200KG per square meter. Not surprisingly, these covers are heavy and will need to be used with a manual or automatic track system.

Safety Pool Covers.jpg Pool Covers.jpg Safety Covers.JPG

Other covers, like Manual Swimming Pool Covers,do not provide any safety against falling throughand into the the water. But they can keep the pool clean and save some energy.

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