Benifits of Pool Covers -Keep Clean and Reduce Maintenance

- Jun 15, 2017-

Your pool may be aqua now, the water calm and still and the atmosphere perfect--as close to paradise as you’re going to get in your backyard. You work hard and diligently to maintain the pool and keep it clean, and it reflects your efforts. But then overnight, the winds pick up. The next morning, your pool is an unrecognizable pond full of leaves, twigs, and debris from last night’s winds. There goes your little piece of paradise!

Keep Out Leaves, Twigs and Yard Debris

Visualize a pool without a cover. Stuff out of your control blows or falls into your pool: dog toys, dead insects, shedding shrubs and trees, etc. Next, you'll be out there with a net attached to a telescoping pole, spending your afternoon fishing for random objects. Or, you could use a Retractable Pool Cover and not be chasing down every leaf that lands in your pool. Perhaps have more time to do something like, ummm, swim?

Keep all twigs, leaves, and other debris out of the pool. Help prevent algae, since the sunlight will be blocked from providing a significant heat and light source for growth.

Clean Your Pool.JPG Keep Pool Clean.jpg

Keep your pool clean during the winter months while your pool is not in use. The cover allows water to pass through, prevents snow and water buildup on the water.


Less Maintenance

Do you enjoy vacuuming the swimming pool? Even if you do get a certain thrill from this necessary chore, wouldn't it be nice to vacuum less often, and for a shorter amount of time? Pool covers make maintaining your swimming pool a whole lot easier.

An Automatic Soft Cover means you can keep more time to enjoy the swimming and pay less time on maintenance of the pool.

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