Automatic VS Manual Pool Covers

- Aug 08, 2017-

When it comes to pool coversthere is the option of either installing an automatic pool cover or manual pool cover. This option is generally determined by personal preference, although decisions based on circumstances (such as the presence of children at the home) are often more encouraged.

There are different advantages to each type of pool cover. For starters, automatic pool covers only require you to push a button for them to roll over the pool area and cover it completely. With an automatic cover, the least amount of work possible is necessary. Furthermore the automatic pvc slat pool cover, like manual covers, are available with built-in solar panels in order to help heat the pool while the cover is in place, saving you money on alternative heating costs. However, an automatic cover does everything a manual cover does and more, which is why it costs a bit more than what  a manual cover generally goes for.



The main advantage of a manual cover is its affordability. These covers are at least half the price of most automatic covers. They aren't difficult to manage and can cover the pool in only a matter of minutes. It does take a bit of manual labor in order to use the equipment, but it helps you save money over the price of the automatic pool covers.



When it comes down to it, it is all about how much money you really want to spend for the initial installation of your pool cover.  Ultimately, either cover is an exceptional investment because both covers have the potential to save you money and energy down the road. 

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