Advantages of metallic Ion method

- May 17, 2017-

1. Application of ph, temperature range, the application of a wide range of water quality, low operating costs;

2. Tasteless, non-toxic, excessive dosing will not cause harm (is necessary trace elements of the human body, the body absorbs excess will automatically drain out of the body), will not stimulate the eyes, skin, water clear no odor.

3. The growth of certain algae and fungi can be inhibited for a long time without additional algae sulfate.

4. Does not affect the water quality ph value, does not need to add ph and the agent, because the entire reaction process does not add any chemical medicaments, thus does not produce the harmful by-product causes two pollution.

5. When exposed, very low concentrations can kill the overwhelming majority of autotrophic bacteria, has a very durable sterilization capacity, not by the influence of light and organic concentration;

6. Bacterial microorganisms, turbidity, organic chroma and other colloidal suspension substances in the water are adsorbed by copper and silver ions, with both sterilization and turbidity function.