Adjustment of ph value of assembled swimming pool

- May 17, 2017-

The assembling of the swimming pool is a problem because of its full function and the increasing popularity of the pools. The use of the swimming pool will adjust its ph value. The purpose of this measure is to:

1. Comfort to the human body: inappropriate ph value will go to the human skin, eyes and mucous membrane stimulation.

2. The health of the structure of the swimming pool hardware: Inappropriate ph value will be the structure of the swimming pool hardware such as pipelines, cement, boiler copper heat exchanger, filter, etc. caused by dissolving corrosion or sedimentation fouling, form damage or inefficient.

3. Activity of chlorine: assembling the same concentrations of chlorine in the swimming pool, when ph value is higher, the relative effective activity is lower, the chlorine concentration must be increased to reach the low ph value, and the lower ph value, the higher the relative effective activity, will accelerate decomposition due to instability.

4. To assemble the pool water veiled degree: the ph value of the swimming pool will be changed because of external factors, such as acid rain, the chemical reagents, which need to rely on the total alkalinity to alleviate.